Third-party reproduction refers to the use of sperm and egg donations to help create families.

Sperm and Egg Donation

Fertility can be complex.

But working with a law firm skilled in drafting and revising donation contracts will help make the process easier.

About sperm and egg donation

The good news for want-to-be parent(s) is that modern technology has helped many individuals and couples start or expand their families. Although, there are many forms of assisted reproductive options available, sperm and egg donation continues to be a popular choice.

What is a donor contract?

Although every donor, family, and situation is unique a donor contract is a critical document most people should consider.

Simply put, it is a written legal agreement between the donor and the recipient(s) outlining;

  • Intentions, acknowledgments, and responsibilities of all parties
  • The donor’s legal status in relation to the unborn child
  • The terms, expectations and costs associated with the donation

The goal is to help ensure that everyone is on the same page and reduce the chance of a conflict arising in the future.

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