a gestational surrogate uses the process of IVF to help create families.

Gestational Surrogacy Representation

We guide gestational surrogates through surrogacy legislation with compassion and transparency.

About gestational surrogacy

Choosing to be a gestational surrogate is a selfless and lasting contribution a person can give to another family. Regardless if compensation is involved or if services are performed altruistically, it’s the gift of life to families seeking to grow.

Surrogacy contract

The process of becoming a gestational surrogate is, like the fertility industry in general, complex. Thankfully, much of it revolves around having a clear and legally enforceable surrogacy contract in place.

The objective is to protect the rights and interests of the surrogate and those wanting to be parents.

Hiring a knowledgable attorney

It’s an exciting time when you’re considering to becoming a gestational surrogate. However, it’s important to also remember that fertility and surrogacy laws, which vary by state, can be extremely complicated.

Hiring a knowledgable attorney for negotiating the surrogacy contract and reviewing the Petition for parentage documents is a good idea. These critical documents declare that the intended parents are the “natural parents” of the baby (or babies) and NOT the surrogate (and her spouse), as would be the default.

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