class actions and mass torts lawsuits involve a large number of plaintiffs that have all been harmed by the same person or company.

Class Actions and Mass Torts

In our industry, these types of cases are categorized as a “Big Deal”. They have the potential to involve hundreds, thousands, and even millions of potential plaintiffs.

About class actions

A class action is a procedural tool that legally permits a plaintiff(s) to file and prosecute a lawsuit on behalf of a larger group, or “class”.

Simply put, by pursuing class actions it allows courts to manage lawsuits that would otherwise be unmanageable (due to the number of named plaintiffs).

In most cases, a company or organization will be asked to defend themselves when accused of causing widespread harm in the same or similar way. By acting together, the intention is for claims of all class members to be resolved in a single lawsuit and to hold the company accountable.

About mass torts

Mass torts differ from class actions by allowing plaintiffs to pursue their cases individually. This might be required when plaintiffs have different interests and when individual damage assessments vary.

These actions are also often funded through contingency fee agreements with the plaintiff’s law firm. This financial arrangement removes the plaintiff’s responsibility to pay for court related costs and out of pocket expenses while the case is being tried.

It’s important to note that legal representatives only receive their compensation if the action is successful. As a result, plaintiff’s enjoy lower risks and can significantly improve their access to justice.

Common causes of lawsuits

Harmful actions by individuals and corporations come in various forms. Often, lawsuits will fall into one of the following general categories:

  • Product defects
  • Employment (compensation, harassment, discrimination, and more)
  • Environmental disputes
  • Finance (fraud, misconduct)
  • Civil rights
  • Pharmaceuticals (dangers or defective drugs)

Experience matters

Our firm has extensive experience with classes and torts successfully taking on Fortune 500 companies in the food, consumer, and health product industries.

We’ve represented consumers, employees, and investors and are committed to holding those who’ve wronged you accountable for their actions

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