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Privacy Protection Through Trusts: Equality Beyond Wealth

Who should have a trust? In today’s world, people increasingly view privacy as a luxury. From intrusive data collection practices to public exposure through social media, the concept of personal privacy is under constant attack. However, amidst the struggle, the ancient practice of creating legal trusts continues to stand out as a powerful tool that […]

Trust Protector: Safeguarding Your Legacy

In the realm of estate planning, establishing a trust serves as a powerful tool to manage and distribute assets according to your wishes. Many people are familiar with terms like “trustee,” “beneficiary,” “executor,” “agent,” and “guardian.” However, merely creating a trust with these characters does not guarantee its long-term effectiveness. To secure your legacy and […]

Navigating Legal Waters: Injured on a Cruise Ship?

What to do if you’re injured on a cruise ship Cruise vacations are a popular choice for travellers seeking relaxation and adventure on the high seas. However, accidents and injuries can occur even in the most idyllic settings. If you find yourself injured on a cruise ship, understanding your rights and taking appropriate actions can […]

California SB729: Expanding Health Insurance Coverage for Fertility AND Infertility Treatment

An extremely significant piece of legislation, SB729, is currently being considered by the California Assembly’s Committee on Appropriations. If enacted, SB729 would repeal and add Health & Safety Code §1374.55 and repeal and add Insurance Code § 10119.6. It would also (and most importantly) require all health care contracts or health insurance policies issued, amended, […]

Understanding Open Enrollment for Gestational Surrogacy

Gestational surrogacy is, to say the least, a complex legal and ethical landscape to navigate, for intended parents and surrogates alike. That complex landscape is made even more so with the rapidly approaching Open Enrollment period, which runs from November to December. Open Enrollment is a period during which individuals can select or modify their […]

Seeking Justice for Victims of School Zone Negligence

Every year, countless innocent lives are jeopardized due to drivers failing to adhere to school zone rules and regulations. The consequences of such disregard for posted school zone rules can be devastating, leading to serious injuries and emotional trauma for victims. Understanding School Zone Negligence School zones are designed to provide a safe environment for […]

Driving In The Rain

As noted in a previous posting, Northern California has had a wet and rainy 2023. According to a March 23, 2023 article in the Sacramento Bee, nearly half of the days this year have experienced rainfall. This includes the first 11 days straight in January.    Unfortunately, wind and rain usually cause more than just […]

First Party Claim for Property Damage

Do you have a first party claim for property damage? For the Sacramento region, 2023 started off with severely damaging wind and rainstorms.  Trees have fallen on homes and cars and over a dozen people are reported to have died from the storms. The Sacramento County Emergency Services Office estimates that the total property damage […]

The insidious return of “Shrinkflation”

I hate to disappoint some of you, but the minuscule amount of macaroni meme is not what we mean by “shrinkflation”. It is good though, right? We made it ourselves. Shrinkflation is different from inflation Before jumping into what “shrinkflation” is, we must first understand what “inflation” means and how the two differ. “Inflation” is […]

The Altruistic Journey

Many of my surrogacy cases are “altruistic journeys”. This term is used to describe gestational surrogacy arrangements (between intended parents and surrogates) where the surrogate chooses not to be compensated for her services, as a surrogate. This incredibly selfless gift is sometimes the only way some hopeful intended parents can afford to begin their journey. […]

Ways to Finance Fertility Treatments

Infertility is expensive. The costs associated with fertility treatments can be difficult for many families to face. A single in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle can range from $11,500 to $18,000. Additional cycles can cost $7,000 or more. Given that it takes couples on average 2.7 cycles to become pregnant, a family can face more than […]

Fertility Fraud Meets the Modern Age

There’s a new and disturbing term percolating in our modern-day consciousness:  fertility fraud.  In its simplest and most common form, fertility fraud occurs when an IVF physician, also called a reproductive endocrinologist, implants eggs, sperm, or embryos into a woman which are from a source that the woman did not consent to, too often from […]